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Voice authorizations for credit cards (Merchant Service)

If a credit card transaction cannot be authorized electronically (for example, if your software or equipment isn't working or if the transaction amount exceeds your sales cap), you can authorize the transaction by phone.

Getting a voice authorization is not the same as processing the transaction. A voice authorization simply assures that the cardholder has the available funds. You still must process the transaction to receive the funds.

First, authorize the transaction, which secures the funds for your use. You can then process the transaction in QuickBooks.

To obtain authorization

  1. Call the Voice Authorization Center phone number at 1(888) 301-3246.

    If you are currently using QuickBooks Point of Sale Versions 10.0 or older, call the appropriate voice authorization center referenced below:

    Card type

    Phone number


    (800) 228-1122

    American Express

    (800) 528-2121


    (800) 347-1111


    (800) 228-1122

  2. Be prepared to provide the following information:

    • Your merchant account number.

      This number appears on your monthly statement, your imprinter, and in the approval e-mail you received when you first signed up.

    • Credit card number

    • Card expiration date

    • Purchase amount

  3. You will be given an authorization number. Write this number down.

To imprint the card and fill out the sales slip

Whenever you can't swipe a credit card, imprint the card and complete a sales slip. This step applies only if your merchant account is set up for swiping credit cards and you have the credit card in hand.

Process the transaction in QuickBooks

To complete the transaction and receive the funds, you must process it again in QuickBooks.

  1. Return to the original transaction in QuickBooks.

  2. Save the transaction again.

  3. In the Process Credit Card Payment window, click the Voice Authorization Number link.

  4. In the Voice Authorization section, enter the number you received when you called the voice authorization center.

  5. Click Submit.

Note: If a sale is canceled after you've received authorization, you must cancel the authorization. Call the same number provided above.

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