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Using a credit card reader (Merchant Service)

If you often have a customer's credit card in hand when you process credit cards, you may be able to lower your merchant account costs by using a card reader with your Merchant Service for QuickBooks. The card reader enables you to swipe credit cards (and if you choose, debit cards) and qualify for lower "card swiped" transactions rates.

You can connect the card reader to a computer running QuickBooks or to another computer where QuickBooks is not installed. You'll receive a Quick Start guide with setup instructions.

  • If you use the card readerr on a computer with QuickBooks, you can use it in the same windows that you use to process credit cards manually—Receive Payments window, Enter Sales Receipts window, and Create Credit Memos/Refunds window. Click Swipe Card on the toolbar, and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also swipe a credit card from the Process Credit Card Payment screen.

  • You can swipe any card type (, MasterCard, Visa, and so on) that your merchant account is set up to accept. Your transactions are automatically recorded in QuickBooks.

  • If you use the card reader with a computer that does not have QuickBooks installed, you'll process transactions remotely by using Virtual Terminal Plus.

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