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Processing credit cards outside QuickBooks (Merchant Service)

If you need to process credit cards when you are away from QuickBooks, you have several options.

Intuit GoPayment (Merchant Service for Mobile)

  • You can accept credit card payments from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere with Intuit GoPayment (Merchant Service for Mobile). This is a great way to accept credit cards for those who do most of their business away from the office, such as contractors or other service people. If you already have a Merchant Service for QuickBooks account, you'll get a discounted rate for this service.

Virtual Terminal Plus

QuickBooks Merchant Service customers who sign up to swipe credit cards can use Virtual Terminal Plus to process credit cards from outside QuickBooks. This feature is useful if you want others in your company to be able to process credit cards without having access to QuickBooks. You can log in to Virtual Terminal Plus from a computer running QuickBooks or from a different PC.

System requirements for Virtual Terminal Plus:

  • IBM compatible PC with Windows

  • Internet access

  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later

Instructions for using Virtual Terminal Plus are provided when you sign up to swipe credit cards.

QuickBooks Merchant Service Center

You can also process credit cards from your browser anytime from the QuickBooks Merchant Service Center. However, if you do so, you cannot download transactions into QuickBooks. You will have to enter the transactions manually.

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