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Refunding a credit card transaction—If you are swiping the credit card (Merchant Service)

  1. Open the Create Credit Memos/Refunds window.

    To do this task

    1. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Credit Memos/Refunds. Shortcut

  2. Click the Customer:Job drop-down list and choose the customer or job for whom you are entering the return.

  3. In the Item column, enter the name of the item being returned.

    If you charged sales tax when you sold the item, make sure that the item is marked as taxable.

  4. Save the transaction.

    Save the transaction.
  5. Select Give a Refund in the Available Credit window and click OK.

    Make sure the Process credit card when saving checkbox is selected.

  6. (Optional) Change the entries in the Date, Ref/Doc No., and Memo fields.

  7. Click Swipe Card, and follow the onscreen instructions. You can swipe any card type that your merchant account is set up to accept.

  8. In the Process Credit Card Credit window, confirm the credit card number and the amount, and click Submit to issue the credit.

    The transaction will appear in Undeposited Funds.

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