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Refund a credit card transaction (Merchant Service)

To refund a credit card payment, you can issue the customer a credit that will be processed using the Merchant Service for QuickBooks. A discount rate (a percentage of every transaction you process) may apply for processing a credit: check your merchant agreement.

How do I deposit refunds?

The transaction will appear as a negative amount in Undeposited Funds by default, although you can change this account if you prefer. When you make the deposit, if you don't have sufficient offsetting deposits, your deposit total may be negative. QuickBooks can process negative deposits as long as they consist solely of credit card transactions.

How long does it take for a credit to appear in my customer's credit card account?

The bank that issued your customer's credit card controls this timing. The credit could arrive within 2-4 business days or not until the end of your customer's billing cycle.

The steps you follow to issue a credit depends on whether you are entering the credit card information manually or swiping the card. You don't have to process the credit the same way you processed the original payment.

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