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Printing a credit card receipt (Merchant Service)

When you process a credit card payment, QuickBooks notifies you of the credit card approval in the Processed Payment Receipt window. From this window, you can print a credit card receipt.

To do this task

  1. Process a credit card payment.

  2. From the Processed Payment Receipt, click the Print button.

  3. If you swiped the credit card, print two copies of the receipt and have your customer sign the Merchant Copy. Your customer keeps the Customer Copy.

    If you entered a Sales Receipt for the transaction, you can print this receipt to provide your customer with line item detail.

    Note: QuickBooks also offers an all-in-one Sales Receipt template for credit card acceptors. This template includes both line item detail and a signature line. You can download this template from the QuickBooks Template Gallery.

Print a receipt at a later date

To do this task

  1. Open the transaction in the Receive Payments or the Enter Sales Receipts window.

    How do I find the transaction?

  2. Click the History drop-down arrow and then click Processed Payment Receipt.

    History drop-down

  3. Click Print to print a receipt.

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