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Downloading credit card payments processed outside QuickBooks (Virtual Terminal Plus)

When you process payments using Virtual Terminal Plus, your books will not be up-to-date until you record the transactions in QuickBooks. To make recording these transactions easy, you can download a list of all the payments processed using Virtual Terminal Plus to QuickBooks.

Why can't I download credits?

Currently, it is not possible to download a list of credits processed. If you process credits using Virtual Terminal Plus, you need to remember to record them manually in QuickBooks.

To download and apply credit card payments

  1. Go to the Customers menu, click Credit Card Processing Activities, click Get Online Payments, click Virtual Terminal Plus, and then click OK. Open the Get Online Payments window

    QuickBooks connects to Virtual Terminal Plus and displays a list of all the payments processed since your last download.

  2. For each downloaded payment, click the links onscreen to create an invoice and apply the payment.

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