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Receiving credit card payments—If you are swiping the credit card (Merchant Service)

Note: These procedures are for payments on invoices and statement charges only. If you receive payment in full at the time of purchase, do not use this procedure. Instead, enter the payment as a sales receipt.

To receive and process the credit card payment:

  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Receive Payments.

  2. Fill in the name of the customer or job.

    Note: If you leave the Customer:Job field blank, QuickBooks will fill it in automatically when you swipe the credit card. This can result in duplicate customer records if the customer exists in QuickBooks but the name on the credit card does not exactly match the name in QuickBooks.

  3. Enter the transaction amount.

  4. (Optional) Select an invoice to which the payment applies.

  5. Click Swipe Card on the toolbar, and follow the onscreen instructions. You can swipe any card type that your merchant account is set up to accept.

    If the card's magnetic stripe is read successfully, the card reader beeps once and displays a green light. The card number, cardholder name, and expiration date are sent to QuickBooks. The Process credit card payment when saving box is selected automatically.

  6. Select Group with other undeposited funds.

    How does the undeposited funds account work?

  7. Save the payment.

    Save the payment.
  8. In the Process Credit Card Payment window, confirm the credit card number and amount, and click Submit to process the payment.

    No address verification check is performed when you swipe a credit card. This check is not necessary because the magnetic stripe data proves that the card was physically present.

  9. When you receive notification that the payment has been approved, print two copies of the receipt. Have your customer sign the Merchant Copy. Your customer keeps the Customer Copy.

    You may want to print the Sales Receipt form as well to provide your customer with line item detail.

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