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How do I get set up to accept credit cards as a customer payment method? (Merchant Service)

To enter and process credit card payments from your customers, you must have a merchant account. There are 3 ways to obtain a merchant account.

  • Use the Merchant Service for QuickBooks.

    You apply for this service online from within QuickBooks. Once your account is set up, you can enter and process your customers' credit card payments directly from QuickBooks.

  • Enable online payments through Intuit PaymentNetwork.

    When you enable online payments for QuickBooks invoices and sign up for PaymentNetwork, you can offer customers the option to pay you directly from their bank account and by credit card too. To learn more and sign up, choose Online Services > Intuit PaymentNetwork > About PaymentNetwork.

  • Use a non-QuickBooks merchant account.

    You can use a non-QuickBooks merchant account that you've signed up for through a financial institution. These services usually require the use of a credit card swipe terminal to process your customers' credit card payments. You can enter the information into QuickBooks manually as you would enter other QuickBooks transactions.

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