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Deposit scanned checks (Merchant Service)

When you scan checks using Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks, you are prompted at the end of the process whether you want to deposit the checks you just sent for processing. If you make the deposits at that point, you won't have to go through this procedure. If you make the deposits at the end of the scan checks process, you should date the deposits for the next 1 or 2 business days, because that is when the checks typically clear and are deposited to your account. Note that there may be exceptions to this when your deposit is not deposited on the next 1 or 2 business days.

When are eChecks funded?

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To do this task

  1. Choose Banking > Make Deposits.

  2. In the Payments to Deposit window, click the View payment method type drop-down and select E-Check.

  3. Click the Select All button to select all the E-Checks, or click transactions individually to select the ones you want to deposit from the list.

  4. Click OK.

  5. In the Make Deposits window, click the Deposit To list and choose the bank account you want to deposit into.

  6. Enter the date and an optional memo.

  7. (Optional) Print a record of the deposit

    You can print a deposit slip, a summary of your deposit, or both.

    Important: If you want to print a deposit slip, you must use Intuit Printable Deposit Slips on a page-oriented printer. You can order the slips from Intuit. If you want to print only a deposit summary, you can print it on regular printer paper on any type of printer.

    1. Click Print at the top of the Make Deposits window.

    2. In the Print Deposit window, select what you'd like to print and click OK.

      Note: If you print a deposit slip, all deposits must have a payment method of either Cash or Check.

    3. Choose your printing options in the Print Deposit Slips or Print Lists window.

      If you need additional assistance with these options, click Help in the Print window.

      Note: Some banks require duplicate deposit slips. If you want to print more than one copy, enter the number of copies you need.

    4. Click Print.

  8. Click Save & Close.

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