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How do I authorize and capture funds? (Merchant Service)

When you want to make sure your customer has sufficient funds available on their credit card, you can authorize the funds. When you authorize funds for a credit card, the funds are placed on hold, and the limit of the credit card is lowered by this amount. After the authorization goes through, when you make the actual sale, you can capture the authorized amount. Make sure you do this within seven days, when an authorization typically expires. If you capture an amount that is smaller or larger than the authorized amount, you may be charged a higher discount rate.

To do this task

  1. Open the Customer Payment - Authorization window.

    Go to the Customers menu, click Credit Card Processing Activities, and then click Authorize/Capture Payments. Shortcut
  2. When the Customer Payment - Authorization window opens, select a customer and enter the amount to be authorized.

  3. Enter the Pmt. Method and the Card No. fields if they are not pre-filled from the customer record.

    Save the authorization.

    Save the payment.

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