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About the Processed Refund Receipt window

This window shows the transaction receipt for the current credit card refund.

  • To print this receipt, click the Print button.

  • To cancel the refund, click Void Refund. No record of the refund will appear on the customer's credit card statement.

Note: You can void a refund on the day you process the transaction. After that time, the transaction has been settled and cannot be voided.

What to do if you swiped a credit card

  • Print two copies of the receipt.

  • Have your customer sign the "Merchant Copy."

  • Give your customer the "Customer Copy."

    Note: The receipt does not list the goods or services to which the refund applies, so you may want to attach a copy of the corresponding Credit Memo.

How can I download predesigned templates for credit memos?

You can download free, predesigned templates from the QuickBooks Templates Gallery.

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