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What Are Recurring Payments? (Merchant Service)

Recurring Payments (also known as Automatic Credit Card Billing) is a feature of the Merchant Service for QuickBooks that lets you bill a customer's credit card a fixed amount on a regular basis for recurring services, such as membership fees, insurance premiums, or subscriptions.

Why are there two different versions of Recurring Payments?

Depending on when you started creating recurring payments, you will have a different version of this feature:

  • If you have previously created recurring charges with Automatic Credit Card Billing, you will continue to use this. In a future release of Recurring Payments, your existing recurring payments data will be transferred to the newer version, and from this point you will use the new feature.

  • If you just started creating recurring charges, you will use the new version of the Recurring Payments feature.

How do I get more Help about using Automatic Credit Card Billing?

For more help on the Recurring Payments feature, click the help links available in the Automatic Credit Card Payments workflow.

How do I get more Help about using the Recurring Payments feature?

Learn more about how to use Recurring Payments.

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