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Intuit PaymentNetwork

Include online payment link on invoices

When you include an online payment link on QuickBooks invoices, each invoice features a web address that customers visit to pay you through Intuit PaymentNetwork, a service that lets customers pay you immediately online through their bank account or by credit card. (You set the payment methods you want to accept).

Set payment link options

You can enable or disable payment links for individual invoices, for a specific customer, or for all invoices. Also specify if you want to accept bank account only or bank account & credit card payments. Read how to set online payment link options.

Intuit PaymentNetwork Email Address

Enter the email address that you use (or plan to use) to sign in to Intuit PaymentNetwork. Read on to learn why this address is important.

Sign up for Intuit PaymentNetwork

PaymentNetwork links appear on QuickBooks invoices, but to receive funds, you must create a PaymentNetwork account.

To learn more or sign up, return to the Preferences window and within the Invoice Payments section, click Learn more. Or choose Online Services > Intuit PaymentNetwork > About PaymentNetwork.

Correct email address is required to sign up for PaymentNetwork

When you click the Learn more link to sign up, QuickBooks passes the email address in the Intuit PaymentNetwork Email field on to PaymentNetwork. In PaymentNetwork, your email address is very important. PaymentNetwork uses your email address to communicate with you and connect to your QuickBooks company file. Customers use the address to send payments directly to your bank account.

QuickBooks automatically inserts the email address associated with your company file into this Intuit PaymentNetwork Email field. If there is no email address associated with your company file, the Intuit PaymentNetwork Email field may be blank. If it's blank or shows an incorrect email address, enter the address you use (or plan to use) to sign in to PaymentNetwork.

Record PaymentNetwork transactions in QuickBooks

It's easy to download PaymentNetwork transactions to QuickBooks and match payments to invoices. You can even record deposits at the same time. Choose Online Services > Intuit PaymentNetwork > Download Payments.

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