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Signing up to swipe or process credit cards (Merchant Service)

If you often have a customer's credit card in hand when you process credit cards using the Merchant Service for QuickBooks, you may be able to lower your merchant account costs by swiping credit cards. To use this feature, you will need to purchase a card reader from Intuit (this is a one-time cost). The card reader attaches to your computer, so you can swipe credit cards and have your transactions automatically recorded in QuickBooks. When you purchase the card reader, you'll receive a QuickStart guide with setup instructions.

You can also use your card reader to process credit card transactions from outside QuickBooks. This is useful if you want others in your company to be able to process credit cards without having access to QuickBooks.

Note: Swiping credit cards is available only for QuickBooks merchant accounts.

If you don't have a QuickBooks merchant account yet

When you apply for a QuickBooks merchant account, you can sign up to swipe credit cards.

If you already have a QuickBooks merchant account

You can sign up to swipe credit cards from the Receive Payments window.

  1. Go to the Customers menu, and then click Add Credit Card Processing.

  2. In the Receive Payments window, click Swipe Card on the toolbar.

  3. Click the sign-up link in the Swipe Card window. You'll see information that is useful to know before signing up, such as the price of the card reader and the merchant discount rate for card-swiped transactions.

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to sign up and order your card reader.

    As soon as you receive your card reader, you can start swiping credit cards.

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