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Things to know before you process a credit card payment (Merchant Service)

Ship within 24 hours

Card association rules require that you do not charge the cardholder for the purchase until the product has been shipped (as opposed to charging the customer on the date the product was ordered or authorized).

Manage a delay between accepting and delivering an order

About card-swiped transactions

(Available only for merchant accounts supported by Merchant Service for QuickBooks.)

For a "card swiped" transaction, the merchant swipes the credit card through a terminal or other device that reads the card's magnetic stripe. Card-swiped transactions qualify for a lower discount rate because they carry a lower risk of credit card fraud. If you do repeat business with a customer, you must swipe the credit card every time you process it to receive this lower rate for each transaction.

Whenever you are unable to swipe the card (for example, if the card's magnetic stripe is damaged), it's a good idea to imprint of the card and complete a sales slip. Imprinting the card proves that the card was physically present if a customer later disputes a charge.

About key-entered transactions

For a key-entered transaction, the credit card does not need to be physically present to authorize the transaction, as it does if you use a card reader. Instead, the information is processed over the Internet (as with the Merchant Service for QuickBooks), by e-mail, over the phone, or by similar means. All you need is the customer name, the customer's address, the card number, and the expiration date.

This processing method gives you more flexibility (for example, you can accept credit card payments over the phone) and enables you to download your payment transactions directly into QuickBooks. However, using this method also means that you, as the user of the merchant account, have full responsibility for safeguarding against fraudulent transactions. To help reduce the amount of fraud, the Merchant Service for QuickBooks performs an address verification check for each credit card transaction by comparing the customer address you enter with the credit card bank records.

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