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If you are swiping the credit card

These steps apply only if you have signed up to swipe credit cards and have your customer's credit card in hand.

If you swiped the card on the previous screen

Confirm the credit card information and amount, and then click Send to process the transaction.

If you have not swiped the card yet

  1. Swipe the card.

    If the card's magnetic stripe is read successfully, the Name, Credit Card Number, and Exp. Date fields are filled in automatically. Note that when you swipe a credit card the card number is not saved in QuickBooks.

  2. Note: You do not need to fill in the Street address and Postal/Zip code fields. Address verification is not necessary when you swipe a credit card. The magnetic stripe data proves that the card was physically present.

  3. Click Send to process the payment.

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