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Troubleshooting swiping or processing credit cards (Merchant Service)

If you're having trouble swiping a credit card, this topic can help you resolve the problem.

Make sure the card reader is connected

  • Check that the card reader is connected to the computer, and that the computer is on.

  • The light on the card reader should be green, indicating that the card reader is ready.

Make sure you swiped the card correctly

  • Be sure the card's magnetic stripe is facing the right direction (toward the light).

  • Swipe the card only once, starting from either end of the card reader.

  • Don't hold the card at an angle.

  • Swipe the card quickly.

Check the credit card for problems

  • If a card can't be read, it may have a damaged magnetic stripe. Try wiping off the magnetic stripe to remove any residue.

Check the card reader for problems

  • If the light on the card reader turns red, this indicates a "bad read." If this occurs frequently, the card reader's magnetic head may need cleaning. You can purchase cleaning cards at office supply stores.

  • If the card reader beeps or blinks in an unusual way, or if card data is incomplete or garbled, the card reader may be damaged or improperly configured. Contact Customer Support.

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