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Sending forms

  • If sending forms is slow

    E-mailing forms is a two-step process. First QuickBooks saves your form as a PDF file. When this step is complete, QuickBooks sends the file as an email attachment, along with a cover note, using your existing Internet connection. When you send forms via the invoice mailing service, QuickBooks also creates PDF files.

    The time it takes for QuickBooks to convert the form to PDF and send it depends on a number of factors:

    Size of the form. Larger forms take longer to convert to PDF and send. An average size form, created using an Intuit standard template, is between 10 and 25K when converted to PDF. If you customize your forms to include additional colors, formatting, or graphics (or use a predesigned form from the template gallery) this increases the file size and, as a result, the time it takes to convert and send the form.

    You can find out how large your emailed forms are by sending a form to yourself. Keep in mind that your customers may not want to receive large email attachments. Does it matter which email program my customers have?

    Computer speed. Your computer's processor speed affects how quickly QuickBooks can convert your forms to PDF.

    Internet connection speed. Your Internet connection speed affects how quickly QuickBooks can email your forms.

  • If you received an error message

    If you are unable to email forms or send them via the invoice mailing service, and you received an error message, try sending your forms again later. This may solve the problem (learn more).

  • If your form is too large

    If your forms are very large, QuickBooks may be unable to send them. Try decreasing the size of your forms by using a standard Intuit template or removing or replacing any large images.

Invoice Mailing Service

  • Problems using the invoice mailing service

    The invoice mailing service uses the same mailing address that would appear on a printed invoice. Make sure this address information is correct and contains a street address, city, state, and postal code. You will receive an error message if this address is incorrect or incomplete. You can correct the address directly on the Create Invoice window.

    Note: Although you can enter a company name with up to 59 characters in QuickBooks, when you send an invoice via the mailing service, the company name in the remittance slip area of the printed invoice will be truncated at 27 characters.

    When you mail forms using the invoice mailing service, QuickBooks creates PDF files just as it does when you e-mail forms with PDF attachments.

  • Tracking the status of a mailed invoice

    To check the status of a mailed invoice, go to the Customers menu, choose Billing Solution, and then click Check Account Activity.

PDF files

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