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Notify your customers about e-mailed invoices

QuickBooks Billing Solutions will be discontinued on 6/30/2015.  
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If you start e-mailing invoices to customers, or sign up for Billing Solution, to make the transition smooth for your customers, contact them first to tell them about your plans. If you have many customers, you may want to do a mass mailing. If you have long-standing customers you know personally, you may want to contact them by phone.

For a mass mailing, consider using one of the sample letters below. Choose the letter that fits the particular options you will be using, such as e-mailing invoices or paying invoices online.

Note: You can e-mail invoices to customers without a subscription to Billing Solution, although your customers will not be able to pay you online (this requires the QuickBooks Merchant Service and a Billing Solution subscription).

Sample letters:

If you make changes to your Billing Solution service and start using different features, you should contact your customers again and explain the change. You can use the sample letters above to create an appropriate announcement.

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