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What do I need to get started? (Billing Solution)

QuickBooks Billing Solutions will be discontinued on 6/30/2015.  
Learn more about the transition


To send invoices enabled for online payment from QuickBooks, you need:

  • An Internet connection

    If you don't have a connection, contact an Internet service provider to help you get started and set up an Internet account. In QuickBooks, go to the Help menu and click Internet Connection Setup.

  • An e-mail account

    QuickBooks sends your forms from an Intuit server, but your own e-mail address appears in the "From" field of messages so your customers can reply to you directly.

  • Billing Solution for QuickBooks

    You must sign up for the Billing Solutions service to e-mail forms from QuickBooks.

To receive payments online, you need:

  • A QuickBooks Merchant Service account.

  • Online payment enabled

    When you send an invoice or statement by e-mail, select the Allow online payment checkbox in the Send window. The first time you select this option, you may need to complete additional signup steps.

    For printed invoices, select the Allow online payment checkbox on the Create Invoices window.

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