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Sending Invoices to the Customer Account Center

With Billing Solution for QuickBooks, your customers can pay all your invoices online, no matter how you send them, by e-mail, fax, paper you mail yourself, or via the Billing Solution mailing service.

To allow your customer to pay an invoice online, you select the Allow online payment checkbox on the Create Invoices window. Then, whether you e-mail or print these invoices, QuickBooks sends the invoice data to the Customer Account Center so the customer can view and pay your invoices online. If you change and save an invoice that you've already printed and sent to the Customer Account Center, QuickBooks will attempt to send the updated invoice data again, after notifying you with a message.

Customize the Customer Account Center

You can customize several aspects of the Customer Account Center from the Billing Solution options page.

  1. Go to the Customers menu, click Billing Solution, and then click Set Options Online.

  2. Change whichever Customer Account Center settings you like.

    Note: If you change the Web address where customers pay online, make sure you inform your customers.

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