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Does it matter which email program my customers have? (Billing Solution)

QuickBooks Billing Solutions will be discontinued on 6/30/2015.  
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When you email forms using the Billing Solutions service, your customers receive a cover note and the form as a PDF file attachment.*

Viewing cover notes

The cover notes that accompany your emailed forms are formatted using HTML, a widely used technology for viewing documents on the Internet. Some older email programs do not support HTML. If an email program doesn't support HTML, your customer sees a text-only version of the cover note instead.

This is not a problem with current versions of popular email programs, such as all recent versions of Microsoft Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator, which support HTML.

Viewing PDF file attachments

To view the attached PDF file, your customer must have Acrobat® Reader® (or another PDF viewer) installed. The cover note that accompanies the file includes a link your customer can click to download the free Acrobat Reader software.

Keep in mind that your customer's email program may have options for handling attachments. For example, your customer may be able to prevent email attachments from being downloaded to his or her computer automatically. These options protect users from unknowingly downloading large or potentially harmful files. If your customer has such an option turned on, the forms you send may not be received.


If you use Billing Solution for QuickBooks, your customer also receives a link to view the form online, from a website.

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