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Why is this not available?

If your home currency is not US dollars, Intuit services such as Billing Solution for QuickBooks and Merchant Service for QuickBooks are not available or have limited functionality.

As an alternative, Intuit provides a third-party option to allow non-USD customers to pay you. Go online Learn more about this service.

QuickBooks Merchant Services

The QuickBooks Merchant Service is only available for US dollar transactions. If your home currency is not US dollars, or if a customer pays you in a foreign currency, such as Euros or yen, you cannot receive payments via the QuickBooks Merchant Service. You will not be able to receive credit card payments, authorize payments, or refund credit cards.

If you are using the Automated Credit Card Billing feature of QuickBooks Merchant Services, only non-USD dollars will appear in the Customer drop-down.

Billing Solution for QuickBooks

If you use Billing Solution for QuickBooks, and your home currency is non-US dollars, or your customer's currency is non-US dollars, you cannot enable invoices or statements for online payment, customers cannot pay you online, and invoices and statements will not appear in the Customer Account Center.

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