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Track workers compensation premiums on paychecks

workman comp; worker comp

Workers compensation premiums accrue automatically on paychecks when workers compensation codes are assigned to specific earnings items. If an employee has a default workers compensation code, that code appears automatically in the WC Code column of the Earnings section. The WC Code column appears in the Preview Paycheck window when the Workers Compensation feature is turned on.

If an employee does not have a workers compensation code, or if their code varies depending the particular task they perform during a given pay period, you can assign workers compensation codes for individual earnings on a paycheck itself.

To do this task

  1. In the Earnings section of the Preview Paycheck window, click the row of the earnings item to which you want to assign a workers compensation code.

  2. Click the workers compensation code from the drop-down arrow. If the code is not set up in QuickBooks already, click to create the new code.

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