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Exclude overtime premiums from your workers compensation calculations

When you first start using the Workers Compensation feature

Important: You must set the overtime premium preference before you begin running your payroll. Otherwise, your workers compensation reports might be inaccurate.

Note: If this is your first time using Workers Compensation, use the Workers Compensation Setup Wizard to set this preference. Otherwise, you can set this preference from the Payroll and Employees preferences.

After you have already set up workers compensation

If your workers compensation insurance changes its policy regarding overtime premiums, you might need to change this setting.

  1. Open the payroll and employees preferences.

    Opening payroll and employees preferences
  2. In the Workers Compensation section, click Set Preferences.

  3. Check Track Workers Comp.

  4. Check Exclude overtime premium from Workers Comp calculation.

  5. Click OK in the Workers Comp Preferences window.

  6. Click OK in the Preferences window.

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