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What's important about the Payroll Service/Direct Deposit PIN window

Use this window to enter your payroll service PIN (also called the Direct Deposit PIN), which you need each time you send your payroll or direct deposit payments to the Payroll or Direct Deposit service.

If you have lost or forgotten your PIN or your PIN doesn't work, you may be able to reset it:

  1. Click the Forgot Your PIN? link. (If you do not see this link, you may need to upgrade your QuickBooks version.)

  2. Provide your QuickBooks password. (Only users who have a password on their QuickBooks file can reset their payroll service PIN using this feature.)

  3. Create a new payroll service PIN. Remember that your PIN must be between 8 and 12 characters and must contain both letters and numbers. A good PIN is something you can easily remember but an unauthorized user would not be able to easily guess or learn.

If you are unable to reset your PIN, you must Go onlinecontact customer service to reset it.

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