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What's important about the Send/Receive Data window
(Direct Deposit and Assisted Payroll)

Use this window to send your vendor payments or payroll information to and receive payment or payroll information from Direct Deposit, Assisted Payroll, or Employee Benefits and Services. (Note that making direct deposit payments to vendors is not available to Assisted Payroll users at this time.)

  • View information about the last time you connected with the service, your service ID, and, for payroll information, the tax table and payroll update version you're currently using.

  • Click Send to go online and send your vendor payments or payroll data to the service for processing. (You'll be prompted to enter your direct deposit/payroll service PIN to verify that you're authorized to send vendor payments or payroll data, which affects your company accounts.)

  • Receive confirmation and other important information from the service.

  • Click View next to Items to Send or Items Received to see detailed information about each transmission to or from the service.

Important areas in the window

Items to Send

Items to Send

Items Received

Items Received

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