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Understand the payroll service PIN

When you sign up for Direct Deposit or Assisted Payroll services, you create a payroll service PIN (sometimes called a Direct Deposit PIN).

What makes a good PIN?

Your PIN must be between 8 and 12 characters and must contain both letters and numbers. A good PIN is something you can easily remember but an unauthorized user would not be able to easily guess or learn. Using numbers from your birthday, for example, would not be a good choice if your birthday is well known at your company. A more secure choice would be to use a combination of significant dates, such as the month of an anniversary and the day from the birthday of a family member. Similarly, it's better to choose letters that are an acronym for a phrase rather than a word or a name; for example, instead of ROSE, use ICUR, for "It's Coming Up Roses." An unauthorized user will have a more difficult time guessing this kind of PIN.

It's important to remember your PIN. QuickBooks asks you to enter this PIN whenever you send payroll data to Intuit for processing, and you cannot send payroll without it.

For security reasons, QuickBooks does not provide a way for either you or an Intuit representative to retrieve your current PIN from the program.

What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you may be able to reset it. Click the Forgot Your PIN? link in the Payroll Service PIN window (the window that prompts you to enter your PIN when you send payroll data). (If you do not see this link, you may need to upgrade your QuickBooks version.) If you have a QuickBooks password and QuickBooks can verify your credentials, you are prompted to create a new PIN.

If you are unable to reset your PIN, you must Go onlinecontact customer service to reset it.

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