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Calculating adjustment amounts for combined payroll taxes

  1. Go to the Reports menu, choose Employees & Payroll, and then click Employee Earnings Summary.

  2. Click the Dates drop-down arrow and then click This Calendar Year.

  3. Find the tax that you've combined (such as SUI) and double-click the amount for an employee.

    QuickBooks displays the transactions by payroll item report.

  4. Write down the total wage base amount. Multiply this amount by each tax rate to calculate the correct amount of the taxes.

  5. Calculate the difference between the combined tax total and the revised amount for SUI.

  6. Enter the amounts in the Liability Adjustment window to fix the combined taxes.

For example, if the wage base for an employee is $1,000 and you've withheld the combined tax at a rate of 3.5%, the resulting amount is $35.00. To adjust this tax, you would multiply the employee's wage base ($1,000) by the correct SUI rate (3.4%) to get $34.00, and enter the difference ($1.00) as a negative amount in the Liability Adjustment window. You would then follow the same procedure for CA-ETT ($1,000 times 0.1% equals $1.00) and enter this result as a positive amount in the Liability Adjustment window.

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