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Correct overpaid or underpaid payroll taxes in previous quarters

If your QuickBooks data shows that you have over or underpaid your payroll tax liabilities in previous quarters, you need to adjust your payroll liabilities to match your payroll tax forms. Use one of the following solutions to correct your QuickBooks payroll tax information:

  • If you have overpaid your payroll tax liabilities, get a refund from the government and enter the liability refund in QuickBooks.

  • If you have not recorded that you paid some or all of your payroll tax liabilities in previous quarters, enter a prior liability payment. Make sure that you enter the appropriate quarter-end date in the For Period Ending field and the actual date that you paid the liabilities in the Payment Date field.

You should also check to see if you have one or both of the following situations:

If your payments look correct, check to see if another problem is keeping you from reconciling your tax forms with your QuickBooks data.

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