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Troubleshoot scheduled payments

You must have a Go onlinepayroll service subscription to set up scheduled payments in QuickBooks.

If you have a QuickBooks Assisted Payroll subscription

If you have an active QuickBooks Assisted Payroll subscription, your payroll taxes and payroll tax forms are handled by the payroll service. You can, however, set up scheduled payments for non-tax liabilities, such as 401(k) and health insurance.

Note: To pay your payroll taxes and other liabilities without setting them up as a scheduled payment, you can create a custom (unscheduled) payroll liability payment.

If your problem isn't listed here, visit the payroll liability forums in Go onlineQuickBooks Community. Many QuickBooks customers use the QuickBooks Community to ask and answer questions, share tips and advice, and act as peer support. You might also ask your accountant for assistance. If you don't have an accountant, Intuit can help you find one.

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