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Void a scheduled tax payment set up for e-pay

Before you void e-payment in QuickBooks that has already been submitted to the tax agency, open the audit trail for a submitted e-payment and note the current status of the transaction.

Go to the Payroll Center, click the Related Payment Activities drop-down arrow, and then click View E-payment History. Click the audit trail link for the e-payment you want to see.
  • If this e-payment transaction has been processed and subsequently rejected by the agency, then continue voiding the payment in QuickBooks. The payment will redisplay in the Payroll Center and you can resubmit it.

  • If this e-payment transaction is in the accepted or submitted state, already been sent to the agency for processing, or has completed successfully, you need to contact the agency directly.

    For agency contact information, visit the agency contact page on the Go onlinePayroll Tax Support Web site.

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