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Pay a scheduled payment

About scheduled payments

To do this task

  1. Open the Payroll Center.

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  2. In the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section, select the scheduled payment you want to pay. Show me

    Select in the column next to the scheduled payment you want to make.

  3. Click View/Pay.

  4. In the Liability Payment window, review the payment.

  5. Select the payment method—E-payment or Check, if the options are available. What's this?

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  6. Click Save & Next to save the check and display the next payment, or click Save & Close if this is the last check.


    Click E-pay to submit the e-payment.

    1. In the Agency Login window, enter the your login information.

      Important: It's very important to enter your login details carefully. If you enter your details incorrectly, your e-payment could be rejected by the agency.

    2. Click Submit. Your e-payment is sent to Intuit for processing.

  7. After you create your last check or e-payment, the Payment Summary window appears. Review your payments and click Close.

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