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Submit an e-payment to the agency

To e-pay selected federal and state payroll taxes in QuickBooks, you must have a Go onlinepayroll service subscription.

To do this task

  1. Open the Payroll Center.

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  2. In the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section, select the scheduled tax payment you want to e-pay. Show me

    Select in the column next to the scheduled payment you want to make.

  3. Click View/Pay.

  4. In the Liability Payment window, review the payment.

  5. Verify that the E-payment option is selected.

  6. Click E-pay.

  7. In the Agency Login window, enter the your login information.

    Important: It's very important to enter your login details carefully. If you enter your details incorrectly, your e-payment may either be rejected by the agency or not processed in a timely manner. More...

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  8. Click Submit.

    What happens to the e-payment after it's submitted?

  9. Review the information in the E-payment Confirmation window.

  10. After you create your last check or e-payment, the Payment Summary window appears. Review your payments and click Close.

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