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Enroll with a payroll tax agency (e-file)


Some tax agencies require that you enroll in their e-file program before you submit an electronic form from QuickBooks.

When you enroll in an agency's e-file program, you may get (or be required to create) a unique code, a user ID, a password, or some other security identifier that you must provide each time you submit a form from QuickBooks.

Federal Form 940 and Form 941/944 enrollment (IRS e-file)

To e-file your federal Form 940 and Form 941/944 with the IRS, you need to enroll in IRS agency's e-file program. You only need to enroll once in order to file both federal Form 940 and Form 941/944.

You submit your e-file enrollment request through the payroll setup interview. Go onlineTell me how

State payroll tax agency e-file enrollment

Enrollment requirements vary from agency to agency, so be sure to review the enrollment instructions when you:

Important: QuickBooks cannot track or verify your enrollment with an agency, so be sure that you've completed the enrollment process before you attempt to submit a form from QuickBooks. If you submit a form from QuickBooks before you've completed the enrollment process, your form may be rejected by the agency.

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