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Edit a scheduled payment

About scheduled tax payments

You may need to edit a scheduled tax payment that you've previously set up to change the deposit frequency, the bank account or, if you're an Enhanced Payroll customer, the payment method. You edit a scheduled payment in the payroll setup interview.

Important: If you set up the scheduled payment as an e-payment and QuickBooks detects that you need to edit the scheduled tax payment because of a change in tax agency requirements, you'll be prompted to edit the payment when you open the Payroll Center. QuickBooks may not display accrued payroll taxes included in the payment until you make the changes to the scheduled tax payment setup.

To do this task

  1. Open the Payroll Center.

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  2. Click the Related Payment Activities menu drop-down arrow and click Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods.

  3. Follow the instructions provided in the payroll setup interview.

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