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How do I enter an expense (penalty, interest, or fee)?

The Liability Payment window displays expense amounts (for example, a penalty, interest, or fee due the agency) gathered from the corresponding fields on the payroll tax form—for example, a Penalty due field.

If an expense amount is not included in the appropriate fields on the form, then the amount won't appear in the expense fields or be calculated in the total amount due.

For QuickBooks to calculate and display a penalty, interest, or fee amount, you first need to edit the appropriate fields on the payroll tax form.

To do this task

  1. Click Edit Amounts at the bottom of the Liability Payment window.

  2. In the Payroll Tax Form window, navigate to the line number that reflects the interest, penalty, or fee.

  3. Click in the line field and enter the amount due.

    (If you're editing an existing expense amount, then right-click in the line field, click Override in the menu that appears, and then enter the amount due.)

  4. Click Submit.

  5. Review the expense accounts in the Liability Payment window.

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