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About scheduled payments

Scheduled payments allow QuickBooks to track payroll tax and non-tax liabilities (such as 401(k) and health insurance) and display the payment, the accrued amounts, and the due date in the Payroll Center. From the Payroll Center, you can easily review and pay the payment.

scheduled payments

To set up scheduled payments in QuickBooks, you must have an active Go onlinepayroll service subscription.

An example of how scheduled payments might look in the Payroll Center when payroll taxes accrue is shown here.

Payroll Center with Scheduled Payments

You can set up scheduled payments for both payroll tax and non-tax liabilities in the payroll setup interview. The payroll setup interview guides you step-by-step through the setup process and helps you determine deposit frequencies and vendors for the payments (that is, the agency or institution to whom the payment is made).

Customers with the appropriate Go onlinepayroll service subscription can also use the e-pay feature to set up scheduled tax payments for federal and selected state payroll taxes to be paid electronically (e-pay), directly from QuickBooks.

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