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About e-pay

QuickBooks allows you to electronically pay (e-pay) federal and selected state payroll taxes, directly from QuickBooks. E-paying payroll taxes in QuickBooks Go onlinerequires a payroll service subscription.

When you set up your scheduled tax payments for e-pay, QuickBooks uses the agency rules and guidelines to track the accrued payroll taxes, display the amounts in the Payroll Center, and remind you when they are due. From the Payroll Center, you submit the payments to the agency and QuickBooks tracks and stores the transaction information.

scheduled tax payment

Find more information about e-pay:

  • How e-pay works

  • What happens after an e-payment is submitted?

  • E-pay requirements

  • Supported payroll taxes and agencies

  • Set up scheduled tax payments for e-pay

    You set up your scheduled tax payments in the QuickBooks payroll setup interview, which guides you step-by-step through the process.

    The payroll setup interview helps you find your federal, state, and local payroll taxes, figure out your deposit frequency, set up bank accounts for e-payments, determine the vendors (payee) for e-payments, and understand what you need to do to enroll with the agency, if the agency requires enrollment.

    To set up scheduled tax payments for e-pay, you need to have the following on hand:

    • Tax agencies you make your payments to

    • How often you pay them

    • Tax identification numbers

    • Account number, routing number, account type for the bank account you want to use for e-payments

      Note: Some banks, for some business accounts, use a different routing number for e-payments than they do on their printed checks. Be sure to verify the routing number with your bank.

    To set up your scheduled tax payments for e-pay:

    1. Go to the Employees menu and click Payroll Setup.

      What if the menu item isn't there?

    2. Follow the instructions provided in the Payroll Setup interview.

  • Submit an e-payment to an agency

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