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Know when an e-payment is processed

You can track the progress of an e-payment transaction by regularly checking the e-payment history.

Important: We recommend that you check the e-payment status after you submit the e-payment. The amount of time it takes to process an e-payment can vary according to the tax agency, so it's important to check the e-payment history window often.

To do this task

  1. Open the Payroll Center.

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  2. Click Related Payment Activities and then click View E-payment History.

    Related Payment Activities

  3. In the E-payment History window, review the Status column. If the Status column displays Agency accepted, the e-payment has been successfully processed by the agency. What does each status event mean?

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    Note: If you want to check the audit trail created for the e-payment, click the View link in the Audit Trail column.

    audit trail

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