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What happens when an e-payment is submitted

When you submit an e-payment, the following occurs:

  1. QuickBooks sends the payment information to Intuit.

  2. Intuit sends the payment information, in batch mode, to the agency.

  3. The agency processes the payment and, when accepted by the agency, the agency initiates the ACH debit transaction with the bank account set up for e-payments. (Intuit does not access or hold your funds during the e-payment transaction.)

  4. The agency returns the e-payment status to Intuit.

  5. When you check the e-payment status, QuickBooks retrieves the current status from Intuit and returns the status to the E-Payment History window.

    Check status of the e-payment

Important: If the bank account number sent with the e-payment is not the bank account number you have on record with the agency, you may receive an "accepted" notification from Intuit, but later receive a communication from the agency indicating that your payment was rejected.

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