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What are scheduled payments?

A scheduled payment is one or more payroll taxes that are paid together, at the same time, to the same agency. For example, 941 payments typically include federal withholding, Social Security, and Medicare taxes, and are paid quarterly to the Department of the Treasury.

With QuickBooks, you can set up scheduled payments for federal and certain, supported state payroll taxes (Enhanced Payroll customers only). As your payroll taxes accrue, QuickBooks creates and displays scheduled payments in the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section. From here, you can easily track, review, and make your payments. You can also, set up certain non-tax items as a scheduled payments, such as 401(k) or health insurance.

Here's an example of what scheduled payments look like in the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section of the Payroll Center.

Scheduled payments in the Payroll Center

You currently have one or more payroll items that haven't been set up as a scheduled payment. To start the payroll setup interview and set up your scheduled payments in QuickBooks, click Related Payment Activities and then click Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods.

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