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Show me an example of scheduled payments

When you set up your payroll taxes and liabilities as scheduled payments, you can easily track, review, and pay your payroll tax and non-tax liabilities as they accrue and display in the Payroll Center.

Here's an example of what scheduled payments look like in the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section of the Payroll Center.

Scheduled payments in the Payroll Center

Set up a scheduled payment

You can set up your scheduled payments when you first set up your payroll in the payroll setup interview or any time you add to or modify payroll taxes and liabilities in your QuickBooks company file.

To set up a scheduled payment now, click the Related Payment Activities drop-down arrow in the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section and then click Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods.

Create a custom (unscheduled) liability payment

We recommend that you set up scheduled payments for your recurring payroll taxes and liabilities. However, if you have a one-time payroll tax or fee, you may want to create a custom (unscheduled) payroll tax payment rather than create a scheduled payment.

Note: In QuickBooks 2006 and earlier, customers used this procedure to pay all of their payroll taxes and liabilities.

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