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Get information about a scheduled payment amount

How do I open this window?

Go to the Employees menu and click Payroll Center. In the Pay Payroll Liabilities section, click an amount in the Amount column.

If the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section is empty, then there are no scheduled payments currently due.

The Taxes and Other Liabilities Due Details window displays detailed information about the items that made up the payment amount, including the paychecks and liability payments.

Details include:

  • Payroll item and transaction type. The information is initially sorted by the payroll item and then by the transaction type.

    For example, if this is a federal 941 (or 944) payment, the payroll items would include federal withholding, Social Security, and Medicare. Each paycheck or liability payment that made up the total liability amount is included and sorted under the payroll liability type.

  • Date. The check or payment date.

  • Paid Through Date. For payroll liability payments, the paid-through date indicates the period for which the payment was made.

  • Num. The check number, if applicable.

  • Name. The agency (if it's a liability payment) or employee (if it's a paycheck) to which the payments were made.

  • Amount. The amount applied to this payroll liability on the paycheck or the liability payment. Accrued amounts are positive and payments are negative.

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