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Should I choose e-file or print for payroll tax forms?

Your federal payroll tax forms are set up up to be e-filed, so click E-file Federal Forms to e-file Form W-2 (Copy A) and Form W-3 forms to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

When you e-file your Form W-2 (Copy A) and Form W-3 with the SSA, you still need to print forms for your employees, your state and local tax agencies, and for your own records. To print, click Print.

For each employee, print:

  • Copy B to be given to the employee

  • Copy C with instructions and Notice to Employee to be given to the employee

  • Copy D for your records

  • Copy 1 (two copies) to be filed with state and/or local tax departments, if required

  • Copy 2 (two copies) to be given to employee

E-file and print deadlines are different, so be sure to note the federal payroll tax and filing deadlines imposed by federal government.

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