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How do I e-pay this payment?

The E-payment option is currently grayed out because of ONE OR MORE of the following reasons. To e-pay this payment you must first:

  • Set up this scheduled tax payment for e-pay. This may be because the agency only recently started supporting e-payments from QuickBooks. If an agency supports e-payments for this payroll tax in QuickBooks, the E-payment option appears in the Liability Payment window, but will be grayed out until you set it up for e-pay.

    scheduled tax payment

    If you set up this scheduled tax payment for e-pay, QuickBooks can track how much you owe and remind you when to make a payment. How do I set up this scheduled tax payment for e-pay?

  • Be sure to submit the e-payment within the settlement date range allowed by the agency. If you make the payment outside the settlement date range, the payment could be rejected by the agency. So, to prevent a rejection, QuickBooks temporarily grays out (disables) the E-payment option.

    Many agencies have specific guidelines that dictate how and when tax payments must be settled. For example, an agency may require that you make the payment within the same month that the payment is due.

    If you attempt to send a payment outside the settlement date range, it may be rejected by the agency and you may incur penalties and interest. For information about settlement rules and guidelines, Go onlinecontact the agency.

  • Be sure that you're using a registered version of QuickBooks and your own company file. If you're using a sample company file or are using a trial version of QuickBooks, you cannot set up or submit e-payments from a sample company file or in a trial version of QuickBooks.

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