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Why is it so important to enter your login information correctly?

When you submit an electronic payment or a form from QuickBooks, Intuit sends any login information you provide along with the payment/form information to the agency for processing.

Though QuickBooks verifies that each field is filled in properly and formats are correct, QuickBooks only stores and remembers required agency identification number, password, PIN, or code if you check the Remember my information for next time box.

The agency may have strict login requirements and will perform it's own validation before processing your payment or form. Consequently, it's very important that you enter your login information correctly the first time (and subsequently, if you uncheck the box and choose not to have QuickBooks store your login information or if you change the information with the agency and need to update your saved login information). If the tax agency requires that you enter an identification number, password, PIN, or code, be sure to enter it exactly as provided by the agency, including any lowercase or uppercase characters. If you enter your login details incorrectly, the agency may reject or process your payment or form after the due date, resulting in penalties and interest being owed to the government.

If you forgot your agency login information, contact the agency before you submit your e-payment or form. For agency contact information, visit the Go onlinePayroll Tax Support Web site.

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