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How is this information used?

QuickBooks may prefill fields with information you have previously provided at login (if you checked the Remember my information for next time box) or with the contact information entered in your company file — for example, your e-mail address. If you don't already have contact information in your company file, the fields will be blank. Where can I find my company information?

To review the contact information in your company file, go to the Company menu and click Company Information.

If you're e-filing a form, the agency uses your e-mail address to send an e-mail to notify whether or not the form has been accepted by the agency.

If you're submitting an e-payment, the agency may use this information to send you a payment confirmation, if that's the communication method you requested during enrollment with the agency. Intuit may also use this information to send you status updates on your payment.

If you're submitting an enrollment request, the agency uses this information to process your request.

To submit your payment, form, or enrollment request, you must enter the requested contact information.

Important: If you ask QuickBooks to remember your contact information, and you later contact the agency and change this information, remember to update the login information that QuickBooks has saved.

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