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Check date/Submit date vs. Withdrawn on date

Check date

The check date on a payroll liability payment is the date for which the payroll liability payment is created. For printed liability checks, this is the date that tax agencies know they can debit the funds from your bank account.

Submit date

The submit date on an e-payment is the date on which the payment is submitted to Intuit for processing. The submit date appears in the E-payment History window and in the audit trail for the e-payment.

Withdrawn date

The withdrawn date on a scheduled payment set up for e-pay is the date the agency is to debit the funds from your bank account and settle the payment. If the agency allows, you can enter a future date for a withdrawn date when you create the payment.

For example, if you submit an e-payment on 01/15/2007, you can enter a withdrawn on date for 01/31/2007. The agency can accept the payment earlier, but will not debit your bank account and settle the payment until 01/31/2007.

Many agencies have their own unique rules and guidelines regarding settlement dates. If the Withdraw On field is not displayed when you create the payment in QuickBooks, then the agency does not allow you to enter a withdraw date. For information about your agency's requirements, Go onlinecontact your agency.

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